Welcome to the Home Page of "Yamna Morocco", which offers families, groups and corporations from Israel and worldwide an authentic encounter with Marocco via a rich variety of special boutique tours, unique routes, exposure to artists, creators, shows and flavors which together shape the culture of Marocco. 

Our expertise is to make your tourist meeting with this unique country an experience that will inspire and surprise you.  In addition, the Company produces for its clients cultural events rich in original and authentic content. 
Our general content and tour routes are produced and adapted individually by the Company's owner, Miriam Dahan.  Miriam was raised and educated in the culture of Morocco and she established the Company after going on a "Roots Journey" which left its mark on her. 

Based on her rich experience in producing theme events and her personal familiarity with the local Moroccan culture in all its diversity, Miriam has formulated unique routes which impart to those travelling with us a rich, high-value and diverse tourist experience.